Thicc Cable Order

I went ahead and bit the bullet and purchased some of this cable:

s-l1600 core


However, there is 500 feet of it! So since I could never possibly use all of this cable, I will sell it by the foot, since I was unable to find anywhere else that would do so. Use the form below to order. Enjoy, and happy cable making!

Min. order 5ft, max 100 (the max is for shipping considerations, anything more wont fit in a flat rate box and cost goes way up).

Price (shipping not included):

5-9 feet: $1.00/ft

10-24 feet: $0.85/ft

25-49 feet: $0.75/ft

50+ feet: $0.55/ft

Qty. Remaining: 155ft

Visit here for cable specifics. Outer diameter is 10.4 mm. ***This is what I measured myself, the cable is advertised as 9.4 mm on the original seller’s page, which is false*** Since the outer sheath is pretty thin, I think I will try removing it and encasing the needed inner cables in some 1/4″ sleeving to make it easier to fit into connectors (for my own cables. If you buy it from me it will come as pictured). Update: this works well and the outer diameter is 9mm after this procedure.


You can also buy a SCART head that will fit this cable without alteration. I only have a few available, but you can remove the ones from this cable on amazon to get more.

Qty. remaining: 11

Price: $4


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