Lightgunverter Build Log

I decided to try to build one of these:

The license is non-commercial so these will not be for sale, check out to buy one from the creator.


Edit: I exported the gerbers from KiCAD for upload to JLCPCB:

Main Board, Front Panel, Rear Panel

Ordered boards, cheap as always.

Case is an adafruit extruded aluminum case, part # 2230. $6 from adafruit.

I’ll be working on putting together a BOM from the silkscreen/kicad file.


Creator says there is no BOM, so I’ll need to piece it together from the schematics. Will post here when done.

9/2/18 (Past Midnight)

Here is a link to my Digikey cart.

I also have a BOM in Excel format which you should be able to upload to another site if you prefer, say, Mouser. I went with Digikey this time because their search tools are easier to use and their passives (which this build has a ton of) are a bit cheaper.

Total comes to $43, so we’re now up to $75 with all of the parts. I don’t plan on building the cables, I’ll just buy them prebuilt.

All in all, it doesn’t look like building it will save more than about $10-15, which I could increase if I sourced the parts from multiple places (too much work) or ordered parts to make more. I may do this to make one to give a friend if this one works out but seeing as the license is non-commercial I’ll probably only build one. Expect updates in about 2 weeks once all of the parts come in.

9/2/18 (Morning)

Heard back from the dev about the diodes, updated the cart link and excel file accordingly. Schottky diodes were fine, TVS diodes needed a higher standoff voltage.


Updated the LED type on the BOM to 940nm LEDs as Charcole (the dev) says these play nicely with Wii remotes, and with as wide a viewing angle as I could find. I also added the case to the BOM for completeness, even though it is a non-stocked part at Digikey (5 weeks lead time)


Got an email from Jlcpcb saying the front and rear panel had shipped, but not the main board. Turns out they had emailed me with a question before producing the board. The ESP32 BT+WiFi module footprint had some pads with mask on them:

The way the chip works (I think) is either it comes presoldered to an adapter board or you solder it on there?

Anyways, these pads aren’t connected to anything and I assumed they were covered on purpose, less chance of a short or something. I told Jlcpcb to continue with the file as is so it should be done in a day or two and then shipped out. If it turns out it was a mistake I can just scratch the mask off those pads.

9/4/18 (night)

Adafruit case and LEDs arrived (ordered the wrong ones from digikey originally so these are the correct ones from Amazon)


All of the parts from Digikey have arrived, as well as the front and back panels. The main boards should be here tomorrow. I soldered on the two resistors and four LEDs to the front panel.




I assembled the main board, and it turns out I made a few minor errors on the BOM. I ended up with one missing resistor and 4 extras. I have updated the link and excel file above.

Now all that’s left is connecting the front panel to 5V and Ground, connecting the back panel to shield, and programming. Then I will wait until cable designs are released, which hopefully won’t be too long.


Board fully assembled, and the lights come on when USB is plugged in. The magic smoke stayed inside too, so that’s a bonus. Just waiting on a programmer to complete this build for now.

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