Custom Cables Log

Wondermega RGB Cable

A member over on the shmups forum asked for a cable for the Wondermega they are planning to RGB mod. This will involve grabbing RGB from the 5 pin din MIDI port, audio from the RCA jacks on the back, and sync via the luma from the s-video port. Quite the Frankenstein! I’ll post pictures as I go (waiting on connectors from

Putting together the S-video connector. I didn’t have any on hand so I am making one from a thick composite video cable. Barely fits!
Console end all wired up!
SCART end trimmed and ready to go in the sleeve.
All lines stripped, shrink tubed, and tinned with caps and resistors.
All done! The cable wrap was a little too small so the cable is stiffer than I’d like, but should still work.

Extron RXI203 RGB Interface

This cable allows you to plug a SCART cable into the VGA port on the Extron 203rxi or 201rxi RGB interface. This particular cable does not include a sync stripper, but you will need one for non csync sources. The person who commissioned this also opted for female RCA ports to route the audio around the Extron device which has a 3.5mm input and a 5 pin phoenix output.

Completed cable, about 20 inches long.
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