Hiding in Plain Sight

Since I’m using Paypal for all of my transactions so far, I’m going to change some of the language on the site referring to “Mods” to hopefully preempt any objections from their end. When you respond to a PayPal invoice from me, make sure to never include “mod” or “hack” or anything like that to avoid problems that I know others have dealt with in the past.


Site Updates and Additions

I’ve updated the custom cable section with a separate order page and a project log page. I’ve also added a page to the Thicc Cable section to share some of my techniques for working with this cable. I’ll add more pictures and document my progress as I make things so that other people can learn from my progress without having to make all of the mistakes I did!

NES Mods and Other “Coming Soon”

I am working through the pages on the site so that they are up to date. Pages that say “Coming Soon” are not yet available, everything else should have some information pretty soon.

NES mods (RGB and HDMI) will probably be “Coming Soon” for quite a while, as I don’t have a desoldering gun/station. If I make enough money to buy one then I will begin offering them, but it probably won’t be anytime soon. Take a look at all of the other available mods and hopefully you’ll find something you like.