Site Cleanup

I’ve done my best to remove a bunch of old pages and information that is no longer up-to-date. I am no longer taking mod/repair commissions or selling PCBS (aside from the stock remaining on my tindie store) and I don’t have any active projects in development.

Due to some family health over the past year I have had less and less time to work on mods and projects. This has led to a dissonance between my desire to work on projects conflicting with where I was needed physically. I am taking a few big steps back from perpetually pending projects in an effort to be more present in other areas and to other people in my life. I’ve sold a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to put to use anytime soon and its been liberating really. I used to get bummed out thinking about retro gaming since it represented something I couldn’t be involved in anymore as much as I wanted to be. I’d even stopped watching the roundup!

I am, however, already feeling better. I feel like I can get connected with the community again without wanting to be doing anything. I would like to get more involved again at a later date, and come back to some of my PCB projects. Until then, I’m content to just sit back and watch.