Ongoing Availability

I’m still hard at work producing boards for current orders. I am getting occasional emails about future orders and I’m sorry for not responding to all of them. I’ll try to lay out my plans as best as I see them.

Future Preorders

I have ordered extra parts so I will try to build these boards out and sell them rather than doing another preorder. I will also use these parts to sell kits. Assembling kits is not nearly as time consuming as assembling the boards, but these kits will be for advanced users and recommended assemblers only. It takes way too long to label everything so I’m relying on the markings on the resistors and differences in quantity and packaging for you to be able to tell the capacitors apart.

Other Sellers

René Richards of is working on having some vertical RAM boards professionally manufactured, and there is someone in Mexico working on a run of 50 (not sure what configuration). The sellers thread lists other sellers, so look there if you need a board.

Looking Ahead

The landscape of these add-on boards will probably change a lot in the coming months, so I probably won’t be taking any more large scale orders until we see if a redesign comes. If there is still demand I may do small pre-orders of 10-20. However, it looks like RAM will become increasingly available, and I encourage everyone to check out Smokemonster’s video on the topic of using the MiSTer without the IO board.


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