Payment updates and ETA

Hello, thank you to everyone who has ordered so far, I have a few updates.

Shopify Payments, the app I am using to accept payment, only allows me to authorize payments for 7 days before they expire and I would have to send out invoices to everyone. So here is what I’m going to do.

On Monday at or around 12PM EST (I’ll post before I do this) I will capture all payments and switch all future orders over to automatic acceptance of payments.

If you’d like to cancel your order to place later please let me know before then.

You can cancel at any time before or after this and I will refund the order, just contact me via the contact sheet with your order number.

Order ETAs

Here is a rough timeline for orders:

1004-1024 – 4 weeks
1025-1050 – 6 weeks
And 1051+ – 8 weeks +

But it could come down but I’m trying to be conservative. If you’d like to order later or order from someone else during this time just let me know and I can cancel your order and refund you.

I placed an order for 50 IO boards and parts and 40 SDRAM boards, which should be enough to cover a good chunk of the orders, but it will take me some time to build and test them all.

I’ve also ordered some stencils and am looking into a reflow oven to help speed things up.

Thanks for your patience and please let me know if you have any questions.


3 Replies to “Payment updates and ETA”

  1. Hello

    I looking to order a IO board and or SDRAM. Could you let me know when a new batch will be ready or if there is one available for order. I would like to order one.



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