SCART to RCA Board

I’m working on a simple SCART to RCA board. This should be useful to connect SCART cables to BNC with RCA cables and cheap RCA to BNC adapters. Once I test this working I’ll post the kicad files on GitHub and share the oshpark project. I’m hoping to use this same form factor for BNC/RCA to SCART output versions with a resistor on the sync line, a version with a sync stripper, and even things like SCART to VGA. I’ll add a page to the project logs section soon detailing my thought process and how I made the board.


SCART Heads for Thicc Cables

I did a test fit and found that the metal SCART heads from Kabeldirekt cables fit the Thicc Cable without any modifications, so I can use these on any custom cables if you’d prefer, for a slight upcharge. More info on the tricks page.

Multicore All the Way

As I’m targeting made to order cables and trying to achieve the highest possible quality, and in accordance with some advice I received, going forward all custom cables will be multicore coax unless the complexity of the order makes this impossible or you specifically request I use regular shielded. This would put most cables in the $30+ range depending on length and complexity, but I think that most people looking for a custom cable would want this, and it also adds some futureproofing. My current multicore is rated to something like 86 feet so if you’re running cable to a projector at the back of the room this would be perfect. I’m doing some experimenting with larger SCART heads to see if this will work. Hit me up if you have any ideas for a one of a kind cable.

Extron Emotia PSU

The extron emotia line is a great device, as some of its models have the ability to downscale progressive scan content (480p+) to 240p! This can be great for those who want to play with real scanlines or on monitors that don’t support 480p. Check out RetroRGB’s page for more information.

However, they are often sold without power supplies, or the power supplies cost as much as the device itself. The device requires +5V, +12V, and -12V. Conveniently these are all available on a standard PC power supply, which are cheap and plentiful. I am in the process of testing one of these that I made with a female DIN port and a male to male 5 pin DIN cable to plug into the Emotia to clean things up. If it works out I will put up a page where you can commission me to make one, for much less than you can but an official one. These devices deserve to be used!

Update: be careful if you decide to make one of these. I haven’t been able to nail down the correct pinout and it’s possible to kill your emotia.


Current Projects

I will be assembling a few of Borti’s boards for N64 RGB with csync for the NS1 N64s. Look for them to go up for sale later this week. Next I want to assemble a few of his SNES boards, and then I will attempt to tackle the GCDual for Gamecube. I’m also waiting on boards to construct this DIY 8 port automatic TOSLink Switch (all 3 of the initial run are reserved), which if it is successful I will start offering (I’d like to try to redesign the board layout first however). Let me know if you see anything you are interested in, or find a project out there that you want to build; if I can do it, I’ll definitely look into it.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Since I’m using Paypal for all of my transactions so far, I’m going to change some of the language on the site referring to “Mods” to hopefully preempt any objections from their end. When you respond to a PayPal invoice from me, make sure to never include “mod” or “hack” or anything like that to avoid problems that I know others have dealt with in the past.

Site Updates and Additions

I’ve updated the custom cable section with a separate order page and a project log page. I’ve also added a page to the Thicc Cable section to share some of my techniques for working with this cable. I’ll add more pictures and document my progress as I make things so that other people can learn from my progress without having to make all of the mistakes I did!

Thicc Cable For All

I have tested out making some cables with the multicore coax cable and I have to say it works wonders. If you’d like me to make you a custom cable and use this instead of regular shielded cable I can do so for a slight upcharge due to the higher cost of the cable and the extra work involved getting this cable to cooperate with connectors. All cables made with this Thicc Cable will be sleeved in this braided sleeving, available in black (pictured below), black and red (example here) or black and blue.61e5u1g4fol-_sl1000_

Multicore Coax – The Gold Standard

I bit the bullet and bought some multi-core coax cable, but now I have way too much of it. If you would like some high quality multi-core coax cable I am selling it by the foot over here. I’m pretty sure this is the only place (in the US anyways) where you can get this type of cable by the foot at a reasonable price. Check it out!